Tourism Marketing Association

TURA is a tourism business organization in the sector, supporting tourism industry members and partners working on behalf of tour operators, travel agents, individual tourism service providers to initiate the impetus for a sustainable tourism business environment in which European tourism can be promoted and grow.

We create and organize online and live events for members and partners, organize qualification training for employees in the tourism sector, promote innovation in the sector, participate on behalf of members at national and local levels, participate in EU and national projects. To support the recovery of tourism, we engage in discussions with the government, giving our members access to insights, resources and networking opportunities for market leaders.

Information and education

Tourism market research, tourism policy regulation information for members, organization of seminars and e-seminars for specialists, courses for acquiring professional qualifications.


Involvement of members in EU and national marketing projects, promotion of innovative achievements of members and industry representatives: awards of the year, organization of thematic competitions.


The organization of business meeting events and study tours is an opportunity for businesses to strengthen existing contacts and get acquainted and conclude new sales agreements for tourism professionals.