The global pandemic, state-imposed quarantine and restrictions have had a severe negative impact on the tourism sector. According to the 2020 In a survey conducted between 14 October and 17 November, which aimed to find out the situation of companies during the COVID pandemic, even (60%) of the representatives of the companies answered that COVID-19 had a very significant negative impact on their companies. Even (50%) companies had suspended their activities during the quarantine, but their activities were partially resumed after the restrictions were subsequently reduced. One-fifth have ceased operations and have not resumed so far. Many companies say their turnover will drop significantly this year. In order to save the situation in any way, (26%) companies moved their activities to the electronic / virtual space. Most companies say they will seek to end the pandemic without changing the nature of their activities. According to the results of the survey (67%) of the surveyed companies, the state does not take sufficient measures to manage the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector in Lithuania. According to the representatives, the biggest shortages are financial assistance and tax flexibility.


Due to the rapid COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection in the world and in Lithuania, quarantine was announced in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania until 2021. March 31 24:00

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends refraining from unnecessary travel both abroad and to

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